The Choppa Raffle

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Have you ever wanted to chop through everything but lacked the proper tool? Well no more! What you need is the Choppa XL. Made from 18” of super tough 1/4" thick rough forged, high carbon, 01 tool steel. It is without a doubt the craziest blade I’ve made yet. This thing is a total beast. I've had a chance to test these out and they chop better than any hatchet I've used. The handle is made from old school, natural canvas, aged micarta. Gives excellent grip and just looks rad. Enter here for your chance to win! There’s 100 spots and you can buy more than one. Once all the spots are filled (and these tend to go super quick) I'll put all your names in a bowl and randomly pick a winner. Comes with a hand dyed, pressed leather sheath and super sturdy polymer belt connector. GOOD LUCK and thanks so much! This raffle is huge for helping me move to a new shop. In the next few weeks I’m moving to a space 3x as big as my current spot. This will go a long way to helping with all the expenses and build out. Appreciate all the support.

*International bidders welcome (must pay actual shipping if you win ~ $50)( US Shipping included)
**Must be 18years old and legally allowed to own this knife (sword?)