5 spots in the super ultra Christmas Raffle

Image of 5 spots in the super ultra Christmas Raffle

I’ve done this kind of raffle a very few times. These are fun and they really help me keep growing this business. The Raffle is unlimited but there are multiple winners picked. The bigger it gets the more prizes I’ll give. The grand prize is any knife any way you want it. That’s right!.... build your dream knife together with me. Second prize is any punch knife however you want it. Beyond this the more people that get in the more I’ll give away. $10 gets you a spot. Winners will be picked on December 26th so this makes a great present for yourself or a knife loving friend or fam. Grab a few spots and watch the day after Christmas for

This season I’m offering a special option as well. If you spend $100 you’ll automatically get a utility knife even if you don’t win. (While supplies last - go to other listing for this)

Spend $50 and you’ll automatically get a shirt,
Hat, or bottle popper even if you don’t win. (Again while supplies last - BUY HERE!)

*in order to get these prizes please go to other options here on bigcartel. You’ll see a pic of the prizes there and you can pick what you want.

*must be 18 and/or legally allowed to have a knife where you live. International people are welcome but you will need to pay actual shipping on any prizes.

** **to be clear these aren’t finished and ready now and likely won’t be by Christmas time. I’m ordering steel and making them now. SHIRTS AND HATS ARE READY NOW.