Build Your Own CHOPPA!

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(NOTE: I’m around 3 months out with custom orders!) Now's your chance to build your very own custom CHOPPA! Choose the handle material, pins, and liner you like to make a knife just how you want it. The CHOPPA! is definitely the most insane blade I make. It's made from super fat 3/8" thick forged steel that's been hardened in a computerized kiln for max toughness and edge retention. These are some really serious blades. Their pretty much indestructible and will chop through all the things. These function similar to a hatchet but better than any hatchet or axe I've ever used. They will blast through trees, branches, steak, whatever you want to throw at them.

Each knife is completely hand made from start to finish and comes with a hand dyed, pressed leather sheath. This is a special process I've developed over more than 2 years. The leather performs similar to kydex. It comes with a polymer belt connector.

IMPORTANT: please in the comments section include any special details like specific wood types, pin and handle liner that you're interested in.

IMPORTANT: The Blacksmith Option is all metal (no handle material)
- THE CHOPPA XL - is longer (18") but made from thinner steel (1/4") The thicker steel was just too heavy.

Standard Option: handle materials that I regularly stock. Includes: C. Mahogany, Walnut, Bourbon Barrel Oak, Bog Oak, Black Cherry, Ebony, micarta, g10, aluminum, brass.

Exotic: These are handle materials that are dramatically more expensive: Burl Woods, dyed and stabilized woods, Resin infused woods, glow cactus, carbon fiber, carbon fiber lightning strike, kevlar thunderstrike. (please note I can't always get some items that you've seen in the past again but I'll do my best)

Please note I'm generally back ordered around 2 months. This is a custom knife and they take time to make. Thanks!