Build Your Own Travelers Chef Knife

Image of Build Your Own Travelers Chef Knife

(NOTE: I’m around 3 months out with custom orders!) Now's your chance to build your very own custom Travelers Chef Knife. Choose the handle material, pins, and liner you like to make a knife just how you want it. The Travelers Chef knife has become a very popular blade. It's made from 3/32" thick forged steel that's been hardened in a computerized kiln for max toughness and edge retention. The thinner steel with a full flat grind makes this blade an excellent slicer. It's been developed over a few years now working with local chef friends and learning from classic designs. The idea was to make a compact and yet still very versatile blade.

Each knife is completely hand made from start to finish and comes with a hand dyed, pressed leather sheath. This is a special process I've developed over more than 2 years. The leather performs similar to kydex. It comes with a polymer belt connector.

IMPORTANT: please in the comments section include any special details like specific wood types, pin and handle liner that you're interested in.

Standard Option: handle materials that I regularly stock. Includes: C. Mahogany, Walnut, Bourbon Barrel Oak, Bog Oak, Black Cherry, Ebony, micarta, g10, aluminum, brass.

Exotic: These are handle materials that are dramatically more expensive: Burl Woods, dyed and stabilized woods, Resin infused woods, glow cactus, carbon fiber, carbon fiber lightning strike, kevlar thunderstrike. (please note I can't always get some items that you've seen in the past again but I'll do my best)

Please note I'm generally back ordered around 2 months. This is a custom knife and they take time to make. Thanks!