The Speakeasy

Image of The Speakeasy

The Speakeasy. Integrated bottle popper spike knife with handles made from old bourbon barrels. Black and red liner and brass or copper pins. Made from 1/4” thick forged 01 tool steel that’s been hardened in a computerized kiln for max toughness and edge retention.

Back in the prohibition days a secret word for a speakeasy was a “blind pig” I took that theme and ran with it for this special edition box. I found out that the lake we live on in Orlando was not only the home of the world famous knifemaker Bo Randall but also back in the day it was the landing spot for float plains smuggling in illegal booze to the lodge turned speakeasy on the northern shore of the lake. I like to draw my inspiration from my surroundings. It’s why I always travel with a sketch pad. Turns it where I live is rich in inspiration as well.

You can buy the exact one you want below or pre-order once they’re all sold. I have 9 more in the docket around 2-3 week’s out.